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Musaic is a company originated in the Project Management Laboratory course and based in Porto, Portugal. Just like a mosaic is composed by many elements to achieve a bigger picture, our company is composed by different areas to achieve innovative results and to satisfy all our clients' necessities. Our focus is technology but we have collaborators from four areas: Design, Computer Engineering, Multimedia and Service Management Engineering.


Our aim is to create competitive advantage for our clients through unique, safe and robust technological solutions. We seek to guarantee the excelence on the delivery of the products and services, maximizing the value for our clients.


We want to be a reference amongst other companies in the quality of the products/services on the technology market, all of this supported by a good graphic and audiovisual service.


Client Satisfaction
This is our priority and we work daily to guarentee their satisfaction.

We always try to propose achievable solutions and deadlines.

The client has full access and an active voice during all phases of the project.

Innovation and continuous improvement
We always try to offer the best to our clients and we want to continuously improve and innovate.

Team work
We believe that by working together we achieve better results.

New challenges
We embrace new challenges and see them as opportunities to learn and grow.


Get to know the Musaic Team


Here are the projects we are currently working on:

UPTEC is the structure of the University of Porto dedicated to incubate startups and host national and international Business Innovation.

The system we developed consists in a responsive web portal that is meant to be used to manage information about companies, collaborators, events, rooms reservation, parking and so on.

A Skype BOT that aims to reduce the number of incidents that must be treated directly by the employees of the company.

The bot has a human-like behaviour and provides specific and automated assistance.

A platform with the objetive of creating a new innovation model that allows simple ideas to become real businesses. The platform includes 4 phases:

  1. THINK GEEK: idea submission
  2. VALIDATION: idea analysis
  3. COACHING: development of BMC and maturement of ideas
  4. PROJECT KICK-OFF: Go / No Go of the project

A web app to automate and speed up the process of reservation management by the workers of Irmandade dos Clérigos.

The software will allow them to create vouchers, save client data, manage reservations, view statistics, assign guides to reservations, suggest a price for each type of institution, among other useful features.